Фондация „Спорт в България“

Excellent performance for Bulgaria at the European Championships in Budapest

Stiliana Nikolova and the all-around group with gold, Boryana Kaleyn with hoop title

The Bulgarian national rhythmic gymnastics team recorded another strong performance and won four titles and a total of nine medals at the 40th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Budapest, which took place on 24, 25 and 26 May.

On May 25, Stiliiana Nikolova won gold in the all-around, thus Bulgaria retained its title, which last year Boryana Kaleyn won in Baku. Our 18-year-old grace performed extremely strongly all her four compositions and scored 143.750 points. Nikolova finished second on hoop, fourth on ribbon and fifth on shot put.

The first European hoop title for the country since 1988 was brought by Boryana Kaleyn. The pupil of Mariana Pamukova was flawless in her routine and took the gold. In the finals of the clubs she took the bronze and in the all-around she came fourth.

The Bulgarian all-around group won the first place for the second year in a row with a total of 74.000 points. Our national team (consisting of Boryana Kaleyn, Stiliana Nikolova, Elvira Krasnobaeva and the the all-around group), which is supported by the Foundation, also defended its team title with 343.150 points.

Women’s European Championships debutant Elvira Krasnobayeva made mistakes in the clubs final and finished seventh, but showed her class on the ribbon to win the bronze medal.

Two more awards for our country brought the girls Dara Malinova and Magdalena Valkova, who took silver in the ribbon and bronze in the shot put finals, respectively, and also came fourth in the team.