Фондация „Спорт в България“

Foundation chooses to help world record holder in swimming as first cause

The Sport in Bulgaria Foundation has launched its activities by announcing its support for the cause of Tsanko Tsankov – the swimmer who has set himself the goal of being the first Bulgarian to swim the 34 km course of the Catalina Strait. He became famous for setting a world record for 12 hours of continuous swimming in a 50-meter pool, as well as for swimming the Strait of Gibraltar. With this support, the Foundation, which was set up to stimulate the development of the sport, states its aim to allow Bulgarian talents to conquer new world greats.

“We created the Foundation because we believe that Bulgarian athletes need support and it is a great privilege for us to be the first to champion the cause of a talent like Tsanko Tsankov. His results are a source of pride for Bulgaria. It is of utmost importance for Bulgarian athletes to know that they have someone to rely on for support and to have the incentive to continue to compete for the Bulgarian flag,” said the Executive Director of the Sports in Bulgaria Foundation, Adv. Vyara Velikova.

Tsankov, who in 2022 became the first Bulgarian to swim the Strait of Gibraltar and finish in first place, will take part in the second race of the Ocean Seven circuit – the toughest open water swims officially certified by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA). The race, which will take place on August 27, brings together swimmers from all over the world who will have the difficult task of swimming a distance of 34 kilometers from the island of Osaka. Santa Catalina to Los Angeles. If successful, Tsankov will become the first Bulgarian swimmer to cross both the distance from Africa to Europe by swimming and that of the Catalina Strait.

“I am eternally grateful to the Sport in Bulgaria Foundation for their support and assistance. Their help comes at a very pivotal time in my career. Now I will be able to focus all my efforts on training for the upcoming competition and I very much hope to delight my compatriots with success,” said Tsanko Tsankov.

The Sport in Bulgaria Foundation will assist in providing the necessary resources and conditions that Tsankov will use in his preparation and participation in the large-scale Catalina Strait Swim Race. This partnership is just part of the organization’s planned activities to develop the sport at the national level.

The Sport in Bulgaria Foundation aims to support sport in the country by working in several key areas. It seeks to support professional clubs and athletes, children and youth schools and grassroots sport organisations and to promote physical activity among young people.